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Clients Progress!

Clients Progress!

An amazing review from Matty about the online coaching we provide here at JrFit.

  • Reaction To The Review.

    I do love getting feedback from my clients! Its nice to know that the little things I do here really add up. 


    One of the main focus' here at JrFit is we keep you accountable. We dont firce anything on you, we listen and take on board what your short/medium/long term goals are. We break those down, make a plan and do our best to keep you accountable to those.

  • Its Okay To Need Help!

    Everyone needs help with something or other. Even I have a coach!


    The gym can be a mindfield of information because there are so many different ways to achieve the same or similar goals.


    What we do is we stick to the basics, I believe if you get the basics right first i.e strength training, nutrition and steps, we can achieve anything given enough time.


    So if you're ready to get on board, fill out the form on the homepage or drop me a message on instagram @jrfitness4life


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