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This is Joe's update after his first test week. 

  • Joe's Goals.

    When Joe first joined the JrFit team, he was in a rut when it came to the gym. We had worked together before at a previous gym and had seen some amazing gains! When he left the numbers seem to stop moving, his motivation was yo-yoing and he couldnt get back on track with his food.


    I asked Joe what specific goals he had and they were:


    Increase Bench Press to 100kg (+30kg), Increase Squat to 130kg (+30kg) and Increase his Deadlift to 180kg (+20kg). 


    He also wanted to cut down some body fat and reduce his half marathon time which (when he joined) he had just done and was looking at next year.

  • The Plan.

    First I needed Joe to get some consistency, so I put him on our entry Strength Program of 8 weeks. This gave Joe 8 weeks of consistency in his training before we took on our first test week. During this time, we worked on his nutrition and his habits around food.


    Joe is an active guy, fits windown and doors for a living and doesnt always have time for a proper lunch break so through some guidance he started to prepare meals for work to make sure what he was having was 'on plan'.


    So Joe is now in the gym 3 times a week and being mindful of his nutrition. Taking such tactics as calorie borrowing/banking into play so he can still enjoy time with his partner at the weekends and go out for meals etc.


    When it came to Joes running, I have a run development program that I (excuse the pun) began running him through.. 1 run a week, his progression has been mind blowing!

  • The Results.

    In Joes first test week after 8 weeks his results were:


    Squat +35kg, Bench +18kg and Deadlift +20kg.


    In this time he also lost 10lbs overall and 5% body fat.


    Joe also cut 9 minutes off his 5km time.

    Joe shows that with 100% commitment to the plan, the JrFit programming and guidance, works.

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