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This is Em's 3 month transformation. Great work! We are now in a building phase and she is loving it!

  • Em's Goals

    When Em came to me, her goals were simple. She wanted to lose weight, shed some unwanted body-fat and get stronger. 


    Em is a Law student so studies come first, so I designed Em's programs around her schedule that would maximise results in the time avaiable.


    And WOW, did we get some results!

  • The Game Plan.

    Getting stronger is a result of time, dedication, consistency and repitition. My main aim was to keep the programs focused on the goal, while also being interesting and engaing.


    The gym Em used had some limitations so we had to be creative! We focused on the familiar - Squat, Bench, Deadlift base and tracked Em's progress across the lifts.


    When it comes to fat-loss its all in the food. But here at JrFit we dont believe in under-eating and over-training. I created a tac-tic when Em could enjoy herself and her time at Uni, while also losing weight by increasing her non-planned exercise and getting her to monitor that over a week, rather than day by day.

  • The Results

    The results were astounding. I was so proud of Em for her consistency, her dedication and also greatful for the trust she instilled in me and my ability to deliver the right advice and guidance needed so she could smash her goals!


    As you can see by the picture, Em lost an amazing 7.3kg (16lbs) and 5.5% body fat. All this in 4 months time. We continue to build now, we have new goals and I cant wait to share another update.

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