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Steps. How many should you be doing?

Not one size fits all. I asked the JrFit group to send me some examples of the steps they'd been hitting each day, and i posted them to my instagram.

As you can see, there is a lot of variation here, and guess what? That's fine!

Your activity should depend on your availability, your energy level and your stress level.

Now, yes in a perfect world we should all be hitting 10-15k steps, strength training 3 times a week, eating whole foods and drinking 2-3 ltr of water per day. But in reality, most of us don't have time for that!

It comes down to what you make a priority, I'm not saying be late to pick your kids up from school because you're out getting your steps in, but you could take them for a walk around the park once you've got them to get yourself a couple more thousand!

I'm not saying don't show up to work but you could bring a lunch that you can eat on the go so you can up your steps in the daytime!

The fact is, you're being mindful of your activity and that's an amazing thing and for most of us it's brand new!

It can't happen over night, fall in love with the process and you're half way there 💪💪

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