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A lot of coaches, (to get people in the door) will advertise that they have some secret sauce that if you pay your money they’ll splash out and it will instantly make you your goal weight, fill you full of that confidence you are looking for to strut around the pool all day in Turkey with an all inclusive Pina Colada in your hand.

So you buy in, then comes across a plan of bland repetitive food (the chicken, broccoli, rice attack), a workout plan that may as well be written in Japanese and a daily step target that looks more like your annual salary.  

Now this could be exactly what you’re looking for. But in my humble opinion that isn't the way you want to go about weight loss.

I have clients with fat loss as a primary goal and I have coached 100’s of clients previously with the same goals and I tell them all the same thing. Don’t look 4 weeks down the line, look 6 months of consistency down the line.

That is where real results lie.

The only thing between you and your goal is time and consistency. 

I want my clients to enjoy their social lives, be able to eat their favourite foods and also lose weight while maintaining strength!

If you’re interested in taking the first step towards your goal, send me a DM.

In 6 months time you can be 6 months closer to your goal, or 6 months behind where you could have been if you started today.

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