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Getting that summer body has NEVER been so EASY!

This goes out to all of us who are trying to shed a stone or 2 before summer! 

Now no matter who you are, when it gets hot (for that 2 weeks every year) we all want to feel confident enough to rip the shirt off on the beach, or sit in our bikinis and soak up the rays with our friends.

I know it’s only March, it’s raining all the time and you’ve got the heating on full blast. 

But this is when you start getting that ball rolling towards being that confident version of yourself come summer!

Its all about the accumulative small steps that lead to the bigger results!

So, how do we go about it?

The answer is, as simply and easily as possible. The biggest advice I can give you is whatever you choose, just bloody stick to it! Too many times do i see people get frustrated at the scales after 2-3 weeks, hit the fuck it button and decide they cant do it. 

What tactic would I advise?

This advise is based on you being an Average Joe, full time job, busy home life, not currently training but want to get in shape, low-ish step target, career focused individual.

The pairing that I personally love the most for anyone wanting to be in a fat loss phase is a calorie deficit and tracking your steps. It seems so simple, but these are the 2 most effective and easiest to adhere to. 

There are apps out there, free to download. You need to make sure you are in a caloric deficit to lose weight, and using a tracker is key. 

I use My Fitness Pal, it is getting a lot better at working out your calories (it used to be awful) when you set it up and it will ask you a bunch of questions about you, your current activity level and your goal. Feel free to send me a message so I can check it over for you, to make sure you’re eating enough.

Its tough when you are cooking for a family to know exactly what is going in, but try your best to utilise all the features on there and get it as accurate as possible. Remember no one is perfect but if you’re trying to track your calories, you’re already doing better than you ere before!

Track your steps! It seems so simple, but even me as a PT I find myself on busy admin day that I only get 4/5000 in! Everyone seem to be on the 10k steps hype and I agree that this is a great goal if you have the time. My advice is, get as many as you can. 

Last tip! Take your time, its not going to happen overnight, be honest with yourself when making food choices and factor in social events.. I’ll leave that for another post though!


To you, the reader, I dont know your current energy expenditure or intake. (if you’d like a more personalised approach then shoot me over a message and I can make this next part specific for you.)

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