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Find Your Why!

Find Your Why.

Firstly, what is a why? A ‘why’ is the reason that you do (enter something you do here). For example the reason why you go to work for 90% of people is so you can pay rent and buy food. Its when the action is broken down into, what keeps you going when you don’t want to do your ‘why’ (i.e job).

So how is this relatable to the gym? Well, if you have a good enough ‘why’ then your motivation should never dip. Being motivated makes doing tough stuff feel easy because you understand the process and know that this bit of difficulty (training) will lead to whatever goal you have in place.

Side note - Discipline out works motivation 10 times out of 10 but ill leave that for another email.

Your why is completely personal to you, no one can tell you its right or its wrong because its yours! Your why might change with time as you grow, or you complete goals that you set for yourself, you age, your social path changes.. Anything! 

This email is not to tell you what ‘why’ is optimal, or what ‘why’ is going to get you ripped, healthy and eating clean while feeling amazing about it. This email is to provoke thought between you and your why. 

Is your why strong enough to get you out of bed at 6am when its raining and into the gym before work because thats the only time you have that day? 

Will it get you out on the bike to get your sprint triathlon training done on a Sunday evening when everyone else is chilling watching Harry Potter and eating snacks?

Will it get you out running 40/50 mile marathon prep weeks working on zone 2 running.

Will it keep you out of the pub on a Friday and Saturday night when your friends are all posting on socials how much fun they're having!

If the answer is no to any of these, then in my humble opinion your ‘why’ is weak.

So, mid writing this I jumped on my socials and created a poll asking the legends that follow Jrfitness4life, what keeps them in the gym. The results were, as expected, varied. Some had similar reasons to go like getting bigger and getting smaller but when we got down to the bones of that everyone’s reasons were different. 

I find when people have a specific event in mind, whether thats a holiday, wedding, party etc, these are weak. From what i’ve seen, 95% of people work their ass off for lets say a holiday, then when they get home their motivation is in bits and then cannot get the wheels turning again. 

Coming to my point now.. 

When choosing your reason why, make sure its powerful. If you have a holiday coming up and you want to shape up for it, break down the reasons why you want to shape up. Change it to something like - 

I want to feel more confident in my clothes/swimwear by the pool.

I want to see a healthy person when I look in the mirror.

I want to change my habits so I don’t have to flash diet for my next holiday and the gym becomes my new way of life.

I want to work hard now so when i’m older im still in shape and mobile.

I want my kids to look back on our holiday pictures and be proud of how hard I work to keep my health.

Something emotive, something with substance.

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