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My Story

From Singing in the Sun, to Burpees in Wales.

Hi I'm Josh, I am the founder of JrFitness4Life. 

I started JrFit with a vision that I could help people become the best versions of themselves and overcome any barriers that may lie in their way. I believe with the right steps ANYTHING is possible.

If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be a sober, non-smoking personal trainer with my own company I would never have believed you.

But here we are!

My fitness journey started quite late, I was 18/19, I had tried a few gyms but everything was heavy and I never saw any progress (I had no idea what I was doing with the weights or understood the role food played). I was around 60kg and 5"11, so as you can imagine there wasn't much to me.

Anyway, one night after a lot of alcohol I was in a kebab shop (as you do) as some guy turned around and head-butted me, no idea why, but I'm not a violent person so I didnt retaliate.. I told a friend what happened, who then called another friend who came and lets just say sorted it out. Got arrested and on his release made me promise to come with him to the boxing gym so I could learn how to defend myself.

So it began, I was working as a labourer in the day and then being dragged to the boxing gym at night. Slowly but surely I fell in love. It was the hardest thing i'd ever done, every time I built my fitness a bit, I'd go out on the weekend and end up back at square one but I kept showing up and session by session, I started getting better!

Fast forward to Uni, I joined the boxing club and spent the next 4 years becoming obsessed, studying my favourite fighters and working with some excellent coaches. Boxing was my thing and it was how I processed all the madness going on in my head.

After Uni I came home, my mental health was in the bin and I'd had enough of some bad habits that I had developed. I used boxing as my church, I was there every night to distract myself from my thoughts and keep myself busy any away from any situations that may lead me down old roads. This was the start of my evolution into the person I am today.

It was still a couple of years until I really got into the gym, I was 25/26, still skinny for my height and I'd had enough. I was working abroad in Greece as a sports animator/singer and there was a gym in Kos called "Fitness 4 Life".

Really I wanted to go in and just use their boxing bag but that was only available every now and then, so I decided to start using the equipment (slightly more of an idea of what I was doing but only from the odd gym session with friends and YouTube videos).

So i started working out, 3/4 times a week. (Remember I'm a sports animator too so playing football everyday, sometimes after work with my waiter friends (legends, miss you guys) and non stop walking/talking all day and singing in full production shows at night, so i was REALLY active!) This is when I first started to get 'in shape' and I was hooked.

Just like I was when I first found boxing, the gym was my thing. I loved working out, I loved how I felt afterwards, I saw my body changing and I began to grow in confidence. 

After COVID and BREXIT it was too difficult to work abroad anymore with restrictions in place and VISA's so i decided to stay home, do my driving test and look at moving out finally.. (age 28)

I was working in factories doing shit work for rubbish money, then I saw an advert for a level 2 and 3 personal training course, all online and funded. I called straight away and got set up. During my studies I saw another opportunity come up, a personal training centre was looking for staff! I messaged and said I wasn't qualified and could I still apply, they said yes, so i went! From then I did a 5 month internship learning all the basics of coaching in a gym and then worked for 2 years full time and absolutely loved it!

During that nearly 3 year period I met some amazing people, started to further my learning, started my level 4 strength and conditioning, made friends for life and have so many memories!

The more I learnt the more I wanted to learn, I knew I needed to grow and that could only be done on my own, so I left Elite and began growing JrFitness4Life.

I plan on keeping on learning, keep on growing and the idea is to help as many people as possible beat there demons and find their confidence in fitness.

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